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Ritchard’s Grooming is a totally fresh and immersive experience from start to finish. Love and pampering is my predominant skill set, matched by talent and joy. Your dog will feel as amazing as they’ll look!

HRH Ritchard

“I know myself to be a radiant
beacon of love and light! There is almost always a smile on my face and a song in my throat that I am willing and eager to share with everyone. Dogs are my happy place.”


"I have to share that Atlas' teen (with impeccable taste) said this is the best haircut he's ever gotten."

- Emily (Atlas' Mom)


Ritchard’s Grooming offers masterful workmanship, patience and care delivered with bespoke customer service for canine clients
and their people.

I use pet and earth friendly premium grooming products including The Bubble Bone Dog
Shampoo bar made by my friend and fabulous local artisan Eric W. at Do Re Mi Fa Soap!

Coming soon...

Soon we will offer special products for our furry friends.

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